Monday, 23 February 2015

A year on and a lot has changed!

Oh my now haven't I been a truant from blogging!
Well it's kind of had it's good reasons and I'm pleased to say we are no longer a family of 3 anymore...... We are a family of 4. 

Shortly after my last blog post in November 2013; we finished the front room rennovation and swiftly got Joe into a good bedtime routine. That new freedom in the evenings meant Chris and I could 'reconnect' as a couple and it wasn't long after Joe's 1st birthday that i found out I was pregnant. I'd really like to keep the story for another blog post as well as the birth so in short, Heidi was born on 19th November 2014.

She's now 3 months old and making herself known! Even looking at her photo above it's amazing how much she's changed in that short time.

We it's ciao for now and I'll be back very soon xx

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