Thursday, 3 October 2013

Autumn Harvest

I don't know if I mentioned before but Mr PB & J and I have an allotment which we use to grow our own produce.  We acquired our allotment in 2008 and as with any new venture we started out with great enthusiasm and did some really good work on improving our growing space and eventually chickens.  Sadly the recent growing season has seen very little happen on the allotment due to the little man arriving but that's when I'm thankful for  the good old perennial plants (that means comes back every year to any non gardeners).
From this....

To this.....

To this!!

So this morning we have picked our first harvest of apples and in an attempt to make something baby friendly I have hit a wall.  I mean I cant really make a traditional apple pie or crumble that's appropriate for an 8 month old can I? 

Yummy home grown apples!
I'm a right stickler about sugar and as soon as I started weaning with Joe I haven't added any sugar (or salt for that matter) to our cooking.  Actually apart from a bit of ice-cream and biscuit he hasn't had any sugar from me but that's not to say he hasn't been given it by other family members.

My recipe books are a little old (even the baby ones as they were given to me) so what can I make?  I'd love to hear your ideas!

PB & J xx

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