Sunday, 22 September 2013

Easy Like Sunday Morning?

Good morning everyone and how are we all?  Well the dreaded lurgy has finally left us after what has been a rough week for the whole PB & J family.  It's not only been rough from a health point of view but from an emotional one too. 

Almost 8 years ago my dad passed away after a heart attack and it was his birthday on Thursday (he would have been 68).  We took Joe and some flowers to his grave and said happy birthday but times like these make me very sad; not only for the fact that he's not here anymore but also that Joe will never get to meet his Granddad who he looks so much like.  I guess we will have to keep his memory alive by re-telling some stories and believe me there are a few. My dad was certainly a character!

Anyway before I make this into a morbid post I just wanted to give a big apology for my blogging absence this week. I'm hoping now everyone is better I can get back to my daily posts.

I'm very much looking forward to the next few weeks as we are beginning renovations on our front room.  I live in a very old Victorian house and the front room has been in need of a bit of TLC so we made the brave decision to knock seven bells out of it and get it 'right'.  Its costing a little bit of money but the end result will be fantastic.  Ill be sure to keep you all updated with a photo diary and all being well I have an exciting upcycle project to run alongside.

So on that wonderful piece of news I must dash and start packing away the contents of my front room ready for 'operation chimney breast'. I guess today isn't so 'easy like Sunday morning' but I'm quite looking forward to it.

I also have a fantastic review of the Hauck Up 'n Down Highchair to follow to be sure to have a read.

Lots of Love

PB & J


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