Monday, 16 September 2013

National Cupcake Week

Yes you read that correctly.  ITS NATIONAL CUPCAKE WEEK!!!!!!  If there ever was a god given right to stuff yourself with cake then now is the time and excuse to do it.  Check out what's happening on the Website.

As an avid baker myself I am known to throw a few cupcakes together now and again and I would love to share them with you (virtually of course).  I bake for fun, for friends, for parties etc.  You name it and I find a cake, cupcake or cake pop to celebrate with.  There's nothing more satisfying than baking a batch of scrummy cakes and watching everyone tuck in and tell you how nice they are.

A delicious chocolate feast!
One of my latest crazes is giant cupcakes.  I treated myself to a silicone mould and thought id give it a go.  Well apart from one disaster (too much mix and too low oven temp) I have produced some pretty lovely cakes if I do say so myself.  The latest yummy creation was a chocolate feast for the mother in laws birthday.  I even hid a caramel core so it oozed out when it was cut open. All together now MMMMMMmmmmmmmmmm.
Ok enough of the cake talk and onto other recent matters.

We are all still feeling very under the weather with the whole PB & J family suffering at the hands of the common cold.  Couple that with a teething baby and you have a recipe for a sleepless night *yawn*.  However, amidst the illness we have had an exciting event with the arrival of my baby niece.  I have two brothers and a sister and up until Thursday we all had children apart from one of my brothers, so it was a very special day for him (and us of course).

Yummy sandwich!
In other news, despite being ill, Joe ate more than he ever has today whilst BLW (baby-led weaning).  He was given a cheese sandwich and today he must have eaten about half and smushed the other half into everything else as usual.  I'm not a 100% BLW mum as I do worry about the actual level of food he is getting so we do a mix of puree's and BLW.  Its working for us and Joe is happily reducing his milk levels on his own.  I do promise to write a weaning post soon as I find it fascinating and I think there's a lot of taboo and unknowns around the subject.  If I manage to help one mum from my post then I will feel my job has been done.

Right you lovely lot I have a poorly baby to get back to so keep warm and eat cake!!

PB & J



  1. Your Giant Cupcake looks delicious! I wish it was National Cupcake Week this week!