Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Home Sweet Home

I cant tell you how excited I am about my new front room!  I've spent the last week or so living in absolute filth after we decided to knock all the plaster off the chimney breast.  However, it's uncovered a real gem of a fireplace dating back to when the house was first built.  This renovation project is partly responsible for my lack of posts recently and I think it will continue over the next few weeks until everything is back in order.

An original 1890's fire place
Its funny to think that Mr PB & J and I used to quite happily get stuck into home improvements before Joe came along but how things change when you have a baby!  The level of work that's involved means its just going to take too long to finish and with Joe edging closer to crawling every day; we've had to get the professionals in.  Cost-wise this has about doubled our budget but needs must and I'm a demanding girl when it comes to it!  Work is starting on Thursday and I'm going to keep a photo diary to share with you all when I'm back in the land of technology.  There will also be some exciting upcycle projects to share with you.

So what's coming up soon?  Well my review of the Graco Symbio B is almost finished and I will be writing a few posts on my breastfeeding and weaning journey so far.  My return to work is also creeping up so ill no doubt be looking for a comforting shoulder to cry on!

Must dash before Joe wakes up from his nap.

PB & J xx

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