Wednesday, 2 October 2013

A Clingy Baby

Evening everyone I hope you've all had a better day than me today.  It seems something happens to these lovely contented babies when they turn 7 months.  They are still the sweetest little things until you try and detach them from your body and then they create like you've just done the worst thing imaginable.  So because of this I haven't really achieved much at all today apart from make some new twitter friends.

Being a first time mum I have never had to deal with this before but I think I was also a bit naïve (or stupid) in my expectations of being a parent.  I kept saying "I've looked after all my nieces and nephews, I know what its like to look after a baby".  Maybe so but add in sleep deprivation and no real rest or relaxation since giving birth and you have a recipe for a very grumpy mummy.  I'm not saying I am not enjoying it but there are days when I just want to have some peace and quiet and not have to worry about running around like a lunatic tidying up when Joe has a nap.  It sparks a lot of guilt some days because I start to feel bad about wanting my own time.   I know its a very normal feeling and every mum will feel like it at some point but I did think it would get easier but at the moment its getting harder.

Sadly I haven't yet found the solution to keeping Joe entertained for more than 10 minutes or so before he's asking to be picked up and I haven't even started on leaving the room without him.  I thought I would be a bit tougher but I don't like to hear him cry or make him feel like he's been abandoned.  I guess this is a very short phase given than in a few months time he will be exploring his independence and wont want to be picked up or be glued to me all the time.  So for now I guess I should suck it up and relish in all the contact and snuggles we do have.

In other news I have now figured out how to add Twitter and Instagram buttons so please give them a click and follow me.  I hope to have a Facebook page set up soon too.  I do have a personal page but I prefer to keep that to personal friends and family plus I would need an eternity to remove all the embarrassing photographs!

Please also check out my latest review on the Graco Symbio B pushchair.

Have a lovely evening

PB & J xx

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