Friday, 13 September 2013

Technical Problems

Hi Everyone

I have to apologise for the lateness but I'm having huge technical issues trying to post photographs using an iPhone and iPad. My PC should be back up and running by the end of the weekend and hopefully I can post some lovely colourful photographs and get my reviews going too.

Today has been a very mixed day. I had a lovely afternoon tea at a fabulous 5 star hotel which gave me a rare couple of hrs off.  Ill post a review as soon as im back in the PC world.  Meanwhile Joe was having fun at his grandmas although he hasn't spent much time away from me since birth and he did get upset when he realised I was gone. He's also becoming very aware of strangers and isn't so outgoing as he used to be.

Since collecting him today it's all been a bit downhill.  Joe has been sick on himself around the supermarket and is currently fighting sleep. Daddy is sorting him out whilst I'm having a rare bubble bath and taking some time to relax. I hope we have a better night tonight!

Thanks for bearing with me on the technical front.

PB & J


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